Being loved by Jesus: this was the discovery that revolutionized my life,
the secret of happiness, the fount of unity in love, the antidote for the loneliness of the world.

"You must have an ideal for which you are prepared to sacrifice everything... For me it was to know and love Jesus, to let him be known and loved"

Don Ottorino Zanon, a happy priest


Maybe you have an obvious question. Who is don Ottorino, this priest that, first, felt Jesus’ call to be a sign and an instrument of  unity in  love?

Here is some information to answer your curiosity.

Don Ottorino Zanon was born in Vicenza on 9th August 1915, in a poor family. He took the holy orders on 26thMay 1940, during  World War II. As chaplain in a city parish church,  he was impressed by the sorrowful and humiliating situation in which the families of the suburbs lived.


On 24th May 1941 he established a new Institution, the “Istituto San Gaetano”, where he gathered and gave hospitality to orphan and abandoned children and he educated them to work so that they could be good citizens and good Christians.

From the beginning, he involved collaborators of the Institution  trusting in the Providence in order to answer to the countless needs of children; real signs of God’s presence, the Institution belongs to, never failed. In 1948 he gathered the first group of young who will become religious, priests and deacons.


“Pia Società San Gaetano”  was born in 1961, a religious congregation that took pastoral care of the parishes of the poor populations and of the dioceses short of clergies. 

He had a fatherly, jovial and innovative heart as to the education of the young, an uncontainable passion for Jesus and a yearning to announce the world the beauty to feel united to Him and among us. 


Don Ottorino devoted himself to the training of religious young and promoted the missionary expansion of the congregation. 

Don Ottorino died in Brescia on 14th September 1972 following a road accident.

His last words were : “Jesus, I love You”.



His last words were : “Jesus, I love You”.

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