In our Family different vocations are blended into a single ideal:
"You should be fond of each other".

The heart of our fraternal love is Jesus.

The model of our being together is the Holy Family of Nazareth, the fire that warms our homes is the love of the Father for his children. 

Don Ottorino's family

“You should be fond of each other!”

This is the message don Ottorino left us. It’s so simple, free and easy. This is what every heart needs. And the heart of our love is Jesus. The model of our reciprocal relation is the Holy Family of Nazareth. The fire that warms up our homes is the Love of the Father for his sons.

In our Family different vocations merge in the same ideal.

We are religious pastors: as ordained we live in small communities; as conferred ministers, we are priests and deacons and we undertake together the pastoral direction of the parish churches with a privileged attention to the young and the workers.

We, as priests, educate to faith. We, as deacons, train laymen in the practice of love.

All the religious constitute the congregation called  ‘Pia Società San Gaetano’.  

We are deacon sisters, ordained women that live in community. Following the example of Mary, servant of the Lord, we take part and enliven  the life in the Christian community, together with the religious. We live on our work and we become a part of the social, educational and charitable activities.

We are “don Ottorino’s Friends”, men and women, laymen, married and not, that live our normal lives in society.

Our main mission is to let know Jesus in the work environment, in the family and in daily life. We agree with the esprit of the Family and are engaged in the pastoral, closely to the religious and  the sisters in the prayer and service. 

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